This page aims to answer some of those frequently asked questions. We hope you find this helpful but if you have any questions not covered please don’t hesitate to ask. If we receive anything else that’s asked regularly we will add it to this page for you.

Q. How many passengers can be chauffeured in the cars?

A. We specialise in custom built Vintage style wedding cars and have selected the newest fleet of cars that seat up to 7 passengers.

Q. Do you allow time for photographs?

A. Yes, we only book each car out to one wedding per day and we allow for time for photographs at each location. The only thing we ask is that the photographer is requested to do the car photographs first and then the driver can start their return journey home. The cars are cleaned on return so we have a few hours work to complete after leaving the wedding.

Q. Do we tip the driver?

A. We leave this completely up to you. We don’t expect a tip but if you feel you have received excellent service and want to show your appreciation to the driver a small token tip can be given.

Q. Are we able to view the cars?

A. Yes, whilst some couples are happy to book their cars unseen we actively encourage people to come and view the cars. This ensures you get the car of your dreams for your wedding day and also gives us chance to meet you which is something we have greatly missed recently. Viewings are by appointment only.

Q. Can you carry babies and toddlers?

A. Due to legal restrictions we can’t carry any children under the age of 3. The law states that any children under the age of 3 must be seated facing forward in an appropriate child seat. As our cars are fitted with lap belts we cannot facilitate child seats.

Q. Can we bring along our dog in the car?

A. Being dog lovers ourselves we fully understand why couples may wish to take along their faithful companions to the ceremony. Unfortunately the next couple to use the car may have severe pet allergies and although the cars are thoroughly cleaned in between each wedding we wouldn’t want to risk spoiling someone’s big day should they have a bad reaction.

Q. Do you provide alcohol?

A. Whilst, by law, we can no longer provide complimentary alcohol we can certainly chill and serve it for you if provided by you on the day. We have a custom chiller and silver champagne flutes in the car for your enjoyment.

Q. How old are the cars?

A. Before starting the company we researched many different options and asked various existing companies about which are the best wedding cars. Pretty much every company said custom built vintage style wedding cars. Why you ask? Well custom built wedding cars are designed and built specifically for weddings. For this reason they have everything you need from extra leg room, full length doors for easy access, champagne chillers, flower holders, full glass privacy screens, vanity mirrors and a folding rear hood for fantastic photographs. Also, although they look like vintage cars, they are underpinned by modern reliable technology unlike original vintage cars. So our cars were made new in 2014 and 2018 by the highly respected designer John Barlow of Imperial Motor Company and are 2 of only about 60 of this model in the country.

Q. Have you ever been late to the ceremony?

A. No, whilst planning your big day we do plan the journey with plenty of buffer to account for traffic etc. On the day itself if traffic is heavy for a local special event or unforeseen circumstances our drivers will allow additional time to get to you on time. Whilst we have never been late, and make every effort to get you to the ceremony on time, we cannot guarantee this if circumstances out of our control should prevent it. We also take no responsibility for being late if the passengers aren’t ready for departure at the designated time agreed prior to the big day.