Hints and Tips

We have put this page together to try and help you when selecting your wedding car, whether that be one of ours or an alternative supplier. These are just a few things that many couples don’t consider when selecting their car that we have learned through years of experience.

  1. Car colour: We recommend avoiding bright white cars. There are many shades of white and if your wedding dress is a slightly off white in comparison to the car it can make your dress look dirty on your photographs. For that reason we selected an old English white (ivory) and silver car and a two tone silver car. Both of these colour schemes are neutral and won’t make the dress look dirty on the photographs. Also we personally would recommend avoiding black cars as these are often associated with funerals.
  2. Check the leg room: Whilst searching for cars many couples visit various wedding fayres and events and jump in and out of cars of all shapes, styles and sizes. This is great in normal casual clothes but leg room is very important once you have that glorious dress on. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable on your journey and then having a less than graceful exit on arrival. With being designed as wedding cars our cars have plenty of leg room and full length doors so you can arrive relaxed and make a grand entrance.
  3. Cost: whilst we appreciate everyone is working to different budgets it is easy to select your car on cost alone. In the wedding industry there are often new companies that enter the market, buy cheap unreliable cars and try to undercut long established companies. So why is this a problem you ask? The problem with this is many of these companies don’t appreciate the cost of operating a wedding car business and rapidly go out of business, often leaving Brides and Grooms with no car and no refund. Sadly this also often ends with the couple having to pay twice for their wedding cars, or even worse, without a car at all.
  4. Look for cars that carry more passengers: This could be important as it may be possible to do two or three journeys in one car. This saves you the expense of having to hire two or more cars. Sometimes it is possible to chauffeur the Groom and Groomsmen and then onward to collect the Bridal Party and then back for the Bride. This can’t be done in cars with less seats as there isn’t enough time on the big day.
  5. Broker sites and directories: We don’t really recommend broker sites or directories as they normally lead to increased costs as they charge a fee for the referral. We do have free listings on some of these sites but do we recommend you contacting us directly.
  6. Car ownership: Ask the car provider if they own the cars they are offering. Some companies try to sub contract jobs to other car companies and sometimes don’t own any cars at all. This often leads to increased costs as they add a fee for themselves and they are not in control of the quality of the cars and how they are presented. We own all our own cars and on the odd occasion we need to add cars for larger weddings we only use reputable car suppliers that we have worked with for years.